High Reach De-Ionosed Solar Panel Cleaning 

It is recommended by solar panel installers that you should have your solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning service every 6 months' 
Solar panels need to be cleaned. This is the first thing that needs to be recognised because in the past, solar panels have been mis-sold under the guise of being self-cleaning. The vast majority on the UK market are not. All solar panels, regardless of location, need to be cleaned. Though it is true that some need to be cleaned more than others. 
Solar panel cleaning is not an easy DIY job. Because many solar panels are mounted on roofs, they are not particularly accessible. Without professional solar panel cleaning equipment, accessing and walking around on the roof may be the only way to clean the solar panels. The risk of falling is increased when the roof gets wet during the cleaning process and then becomes slippery. As well as this, solar panel manufacturers do not recommend using chemicals of any kind when cleaning solar panels. Even water with a high mineral content, such as tap water, can leave deposits behind and impede your solar output. 
The best time to clean solar panels is in Spring. In the UK, the best time to clean your solar panels is between April and June. This means that as we head into the days with the longer sunshine hours, your solar panels will be clean and will produce the maximum amount of electricity because of the longer days. For many solar array owners, it will take 10 years to see the return on their investment. A loss of 10% in generation over a year means it can take a whole year extra to get back the return on investment. This does not mean though that solar panels cannot be cleaned all year round. 
High reach window cleaning water hardness areas
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